5V Heated Puffy Gilet Winter Body Warmer 44″ to 52″ Chest With Power Bank

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5V Heated Puffy Gilet Winter Body Warmer 44″ to 52″ Chest With Power Bank

Brand New 5V Heated Puffy Gilet Winter Body Warmer 44″ to 52″ Chest With Power Bank

• Water-resistant gilet with three carbon fibre heating elements.
• Heating elements are in the back and each side of the chest.
• Three different heat modes controlled by colour changing button (White – Low, Blue – Medium, Red – High).
• One size fits all design with adjustable chest and waist size.
• Supplied with SPB101 portable power bank 10W 10000mAh Li-ion battery
• Battery fits in the inside pocket and connects to a jack
• 2x usb ports on the battery means you can also charge your phone (usb) while using the battery for heat
• Stay warm for longer during cold snaps
• Work better when warmer
• Stay warm for approx 5-10hrs of use depending on the heat setting. See our tests below.

• ½ Bottom Width: 58.5cm, 62.5cm, 65.5cm, 67.5cm
• ½ Chest Width: 56.5cm, 59.5cm, 62.5cm, 66cm
• Across Shoulder: 44.5cm
• Current Draw: 5W
• Front Length: 68.5cm
• Size: One size
• Input: 1x 5v/2A Micro USB
• Outputs: 2x 5v/2.1A
• Charge time: 5hrs at 5v/2.1A
• Model No. HG01KIT

Warranty = Includes 1 Year Warranty

We are pleased to see this product back again for 2023, we wrote the below last year 2022 winter, and sold plenty without issue, we’ll be using again as soon as it gets cold.

Our view testing one ourselves (your’s will be new):

Charged for 5hrs as instructions states, to 100%. Confirmed by pressing the button on side of battery pack, blue bar is full.

First test, 8c outside and in our warehouse, feeling cold. Connected battery to cable inside the pocket.

Press button on power bank to power on. Placed in the pocket.

Press and hold the button in the jacket, to turn it on. Light flashes up.

Press to cycle through the heat settings, red = very hot, blue = hot, white = warm.

Tested at first on red/full heat to see just how hot it is, wow that is some warmth! Full heat for 1.5hrs, roasting, from starting at 100%, the battery was at about 75% after said 1.5hrs. Notes; takes a very short time to warm up to a very toasty hot warmth, heat pads are on each side front and in the middle top of the back, soon wasn’t cold at all, with a t-shirt and jumper on as well.

After the 1.5hrs, the pads feeling was very hot to touch still, had to turn it down to blue as felt overly hot where the pads are. It would warm you up no matter the temperature. Lovely and warm during that 1.5hrs but it was so hot thought to turn it down before i toasted.

On blue from 1.5hrs to 2.4hrs and still at 75%. Turned off for now as was very warm. Will carry on the report when next using it to see how long the battery lasts. So far we are at 2.4hrs and still at 75%, estimating it’ll last a good 5-10hrs of use depending on heat setting used and at the current rate. Short notes; Brilliant piece of kit, could even charge your phone if needed with the spare usb port or other devices!

Next use it was at 75% still, used for a good 3.37hrs, timed on stopwatch, using all cycles.  

Down to 25% and put it on charge, never wise to totally flatten batteries/power banks as it reduces lifecycles. 

Total use time of approx 6.2hrs from one charge. What we found was hot/red is needed for a short time and you’re toasty, white/blue is ample to maintain warmth once you’re warm. Without our initial 1.5hrs of hot/red use, it would likely have lasted nearer 8-10hrs on white or blue as we suspected.

Brilliant piece of kit! 

If there are any questions please send us a message.

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