Sealey Air Cooler Purifier Humidifier 3 in 1 (Ex Demo) Cheap like Air con Cools with ice blocks

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Sealey Air Cooler/Purifier/Humidifier (Ex Demo)

Brand New (demo/tested so has signs of use) Sealey Air Cooler/Purifier/Humidifier 

Was used for a short demonstration period only. (approx half a day of use so we could demonstrate and test it.) Brilliant machine ! Multiple modes of operation.  By way of the powerful fan pushing air over ice cooled water, it reduces temperatures, during the mini heatwave one was tested and it reduced temps in the office from a sticky 30c down to a cool 24c in a matter of 1-2 hours. No chemicals like air con or expensive maintenance calls. No massive electric bills. Just some water and the ice packs and what is a fan and small pump, minimal wattage…

It has an in built internal tray that is filled with water and 2 ice packs added and just like a car radiator this helps to cool the air. This ‘Sealey Air Cooler’ cools the air by using the cooled water dripping down and passing over a large filter mesh, so air is cooled as it passes through the mesh, ice cooled! While not a chilly ice cold like air con, it gives a very close similarity to an actual air con cooled environment, in our view, and that much needed ‘cool feeling’ when you’re really hot and at a fraction of the price.

It does not have a drain on the tank, so we popped it up on the sink draining board and took the tray out to rinse it out, the pump has twist off retainers so the pump can be unattached from the tray, slide it out, empty and rinse. You could do this on a small table or outside on the back step.

The pump then slots back in and 2 slide-over clips, retain the pump. Only the tray needs rinsing/refilling for use as well as freezing the ice packs. We would recommend more ice packs, the type for picnics/cool bags then you can keep the machine going all day, just change the ice once the ice packs have melted, and top up with fresh cold water, fridge cool the water for best effect, add the ice packs and you’re back in action..  Obvious now, use 1 ice pack at a time, then you always have 1 ready.

(Also looks like a really great air purifier/humidifier, it’ll put/humidify the 4L of water into the air, or with no water it would clean the air with its internal active carbon filter.)
Complete with box, instructions, 2 ice packs and still has the film on top/bottom, over the gloss black areas.

• 3-in-1 Air cooler, air purifier and humidifier.
• Active carbon filter.
• 4L Water tank supplied with two ice packs.
• Adjustable airflow direction.
• Three selectable fan speeds.
• Easy to operate and move around on castors.
• Model No. SAC04

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